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Use cases: use DaDaBIK as a Web form builder

Web Form Builder

DaDaBIK can be used to build complex applcations but also for very simple tasks like building Web forms.

You can for example create in a few minutes and without coding a multi-language contact form with a dedicated admin backend and embed it in a Wordpress site.

Video 1: A contact form created with DaDaBIK and embedded in a Wordpress site + the admin backend.

All you have to do is specify the fields and then, through the form configurator you can set various parameters, including:

  • How to place the fields in the form
  • Which fields are required
  • Which field type to use (e.g. textbox, textarea, upload, ...)
  • The content of the field (e.g. phone number, email, alphanumeric, ... )
  • Default values
  • Hints and tooltips

And much more!

You can also set complex validation rules in PHP, if know some coding and you need it.

Questions about this use case or about DaDaBIK in general? Contact us, we'll get in touch very soon.