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Use cases: use DaDaBIK as a PHP Web form builder

What is a Web Form Builder?

A Web Form Builder (also called an online form builder or online form generator) is a tool you can use to build Web Forms on websites, such as contact forms or registration forms, without having to manually write:

  • the HTML code to design the form
  • the PHP (or other language) code needed to make the form work (powering functions like storing the data, sending a confirmation email, etc.)

Can DaDaBIK be used to generate online forms?

DaDaBIK is a versatile tool. It’s an excellent, efficient way to accomplish simple tasks, like building online forms. But it’s also powerful enough to build very complex applications, too.

Let's focus on forms generation here: with DaDaBIK, you can for example create a multi-language online contact form in just a few minutes, without writing any code, and with a dedicated admin backend. You can then easily embed the form into a WordPress website, or a website on any other platform. Since DaDaBIK uses PHP, we can, more specifically, refer to a PHP Web form builder.

Video 1: A contact form created with DaDaBIK and embedded in a Wordpress site + the admin backend.

To build a web form in DaDaBIK, simply specify the fields and then, using the form configurator, set various parameters, including:

  • Layout - decide how and where to place the fields
  • Identify required fields
  • Choose field types (e.g. textbox, text area, upload)
  • Choose content types (e.g. phone number, email, alphanumeric)
  • Set default values
  • Add hints and tooltips

And much more!

With some PHP coding knowledge (and if needed) you can also use DaDaBIK to setup complex validation rules. The forms are responsive, so they look great on mobile devices too.

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Do you have any questions about using DaDaBIK as a web form builder, or about DaDaBIK in general? Contact us, and we’ll be in touch.