DaDaBIK is a No-code, Low-code Platform that can be used to quickly develop any type of data-based application without coding; here are some examples: library management, knowledge management archive, custom CRM applications, sales management applications, real estate listing management, help desk, wharehouse management, membership management, photo collection management, customers/suppliers management, general data-entry applications, on-line databases, contact forms. Any application that has to do with data collecting or consulting is a good candidate for DaDaBIK development.

From this page you can try and customize six (already built) demo applications and one blank demo application.

Demo 0: A blank application  [NO-CODE]

A blank application (no tables, no data, ...) will be created for you: start from scratch and build your own application. You can use and customize it for a few days. The demo applications and the related data are periodically deleted. Please don't store sensitive or private information.

Before proceeding, leave your email here: we'll send you the URL of your application, you need it to access your demo application and you can use it also during the next few days to access it again.

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Demo 1: ERP application  [LOW-CODE]

An ERP application: you can manage customers, suppliers, products, invoices and reviews of a hypothetical online shop. [Read more and start demo...]

Demo 2: Helpdesk application  [NO-CODE]

An IT HelpDesk application. Employees can send an IT help request, specifying the details, a picture and a due date; the manager receives an email when a new request is registered and assigns the request to a member of the IT staff. Each member of the IT staff can see the requests and add comments, asking for details to the employee who created the request. [Read more and start demo...]

Demo 3: Sales management / CRM application  [LOW-CODE]

You can manage your customers, leads and contacts; you can register quotes and orders; you can see graph reports of your sales and much more. [Read more and start demo...]

Demo 4: Movies Library  [NO-CODE]

This is a simple movies library front-end developed with DaDaBIK WITHOUT WRITING ANY PHP/JAVASCRIPT CODE. [Read more and start demo...]

Demo 5: WordPress integration Demo  [NO-CODE]

This demo shows the integration between DaDaBIK and WordPress. You can see the Movies Library demo (demo n.4) integrated in a WordPress site WITHOUT WRITING ANY PHP/JAVASCRIPT CODE; you can also see two DaDaBIK-generated graphs embedded in a WordPress page. [Read more and start demo...]

Demo 6: Contact form   [almost NO-CODE]

DaDaBIK can be used to create very complex applications but also simple, one-form, applications, like a typical contact form. Part of this application is public (the contact form) and part login-protected (the statistics and the data ). You can also see the contact form embedded in a WordPress page. [Read more and start demo...]

How did we build these applications?

Do you want to see how an application similar to the Sales management / CRM app (demo n.3) has been developed? Watch this video tutorial.