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Use cases: DaDaBIK as a CRUD / database frontend generator

CRUD / Database Frontend Generator using DaDaBIK

This is one of the simplest thing you can do with DaDaBIK.


You have a database (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server or SQLite) and you want to create a Web frontend so that other people can interact with it online, providing search, insert, edit and delete capabilities through a bunch of Web forms and Web tables.

This is basically what a CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) system does.

If you already have the database, DaDaBIK can create a user friendly, responsive, enterprise-ready CRUD interface in one click. If you don't have a database yet, don't worry you can create it with DaDaBIK itself, defining TABLES and VIEWS, and then the CRUD generator will automatically build its interface.

Video 1: A database front-end created by DaDaBIK without coding.

DaDaBIK smart guessing

DaDaBIK tries to guess the optimal CRUD interface settings according to your database schema, let me give you a few examples:

  • You set a field as "NOT NULL"? DaDaBIK will make it "required" in the related Web form
  • You have a field whose name contains the word "email"? DaDaBIK guesses the field contains email values therefore it will add an email validation rule to the field
  • You set a referential integrity constraint between two fields? DaDaBIK will set the first field as a "lookup field": a drop-down menu whose values depends on the values of the seconds field.
of course you can change these settings and customize the web front-end once DaDaBIK has built it.

Why can't I use a DB Admin tool?

You might wonder why you can't use a DB admin tool such as PHPMyAdmin for the same purpose. PHPMyAdmin and other DB admin tools are very powerfull for the ADMINISTRATION of a database, the target user is typically the DB admin. When it comes to data-entry capabilities, there are at least two limitations:

  1. their interface is not intended for the final user
  2. they lack some advanced data entry features

With DaDaBIK you can create a very simple interface, containing only the features you need, that any person (even the less tech-savvy) can use, even from mobile.

Here are a few things you can do with DaDaBIK that you can't do with a typical DB Admin tool:

  • Easily hide some fields / tables to a particular user group
  • Conditional fields (something like show field "State" only if "Country" is "USA")
  • Create complex validation rules to prevent the insertion of inconsistent data
  • Alert via email someone when a record is modified / inserted in a particular table
  • Track the history of record revisions
  • Easily change the label of a field
  • Integrate your front-end in a Wordpress site
  • Create a dashboard containing some key indicators of your data
  • Check for duplication or similarity between records before inserting
  • Create master/details views (also called subform, e.g. an invoice heading with the related invoice items)
  • Inject your HTML code in the front-end application you have created, to personalize (e.g. adding messages, help pages) and improve the layout
  • Remove unneeded features

Questions about this use case or about DaDaBIK in general? Contact us, we'll get in touch very soon.