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Do I need to buy a license for each DaDaBIK application I produce?

No, you buy ONE license and you can produce as many application as you want.

I will use DaDaBIK in two different domains, do I need to buy a license for each domain?

No, you buy ONE license and you can produce as many application as you want, even if they are published under different Websites/domains.

Do I have to pay again when a new upgrade comes out?

No, you have a free upgrade period: 6 or 12 months depending on the version you purchased (Pro or Enterprise).

What if there is a major upgrade, like from DaDaBIK 5.x to DaDaBIK 6.x?

Still, if you are in your free upgrade period, you'll get it for free, even if the price increases (as it can happen after a major upgrade).

Ok, I am in my free upgrade period, how can I get my free upgrade?

Just follow the instructions in the upgrade page

Can I change the DaDaBIK code to implement a new feature?

Sure, source code is provided and you can change it.

Do you have a trial verion?

No, we don't. You can test almost all the features through the on-line demo. The few features which are disabled in the on-line demo just work as expected. If you are interested in looking at the general configuration file and at the CSS files (which you can't see through the demo) just email to support at dadabik dot org and ask us!

Do you provide a customization service? DaDaBIK would be perfect for me but it lacks feature X and I am not a software developer.

Sure, we have implemented custom features for customers many times, both for private customers and companies. Just send an email to info at dadabik dot org and explain us your needs. You usually get a cost and time quotation in 24h and at that point you can obviously decide to accept or not. If you prefer to talk via skype, send us your skype username.

Does DaDaBIK work on Windows/Mac/Unix/Linux/...?

Yes, DaDaBIK works with any Operating System which supports PHP, the requirements (you can find them in the documentation file) are very low but if you still have doubts about your system send an email to support at dadabik dot org and ask us!


I get [08] Error Message
I get "Error during query execution"

Please open the file include/config.php, look for the variable named $debug_mode. Set it to 1, so that you'll be able to see what the error is. If you still cannot figure it out  request for support.

I can't see the edit/delete record icons in the results view

You did not set a primary key in the table, so you are able to see the records but DaDaBIK cannot edit/delete them.

I get "your database is empty" error, why?

You first have to set up a database and then you can install DaDaBIK.

Page not showing after Insert/Update.

Open include/config.php and make sure the variable $site_url is set to the the complete path to your DaDaBIK installation.

I can't login into DaDaBIK

Before asking for support double check that the parameters $site_url and $site_path in include/config.php are correct. 99% of the time login problems are due to mistakes in those parameters.
If for some reason PHP sessions are not working correctly the login will also be affected; after having checked $site_url and $site_path run the script and reload several times the page: you should see a counter that increments by 1 every time you reload the page, otherwise sessions are not working.
Finally, if in your database you have a lot of tables and/or a lot of table fields, you might experience a memory shortage problem: for example if your memory limit is 128M (you can see your memory limit via phpinfo()) , you can try to increase it to 256M or 512M adding this line:
ini_set('memory_limit', '256M');
as the first line in the /include/common_start.php file.