SQL Tutorial for beginners

Introduction to SQL, a 30-minutes Tutorial to learn the basics

DaDaBIK doesn't need SQL to be used, you can develop a complete Web application without any SQL knowledge; however, if you know some SQL, you'll have an additional customization tool, for example:

  • You can create VIEWS based on your tables, very useful in many situations
  • You can execute custom SQL statements in your hook functions (e.g. you want to automatically update your warehouse when a new order is registered)
  • You can create complex graph reports based on custom SQL queries

Here is our introduction to SQL, a 30-minutes SQL Tutorial for beginners to learn the basics.

Eugenio Tacchini, lecturer of Databases and Data Science and founder of DaDaBIK, will introduce you to the topic, using MySQL and MySQL Workbench.

What does the tutorial cover?

  • Introduction to Structured Query Language, Databases and DBMSs (DataBase Management Systems)
  • Basic introduction to the Relational Model
  • SELECT statements with WHERE and ORDER BY clause
  • SQL comparison operators
  • SQL Boolean operators AND OR
  • INSERT / UPDATE / DELETE statements