Video Tutorial: create a Custom CRM application (no-code)


In this tutorial, I'll explain how to create a custom CRM software without coding, using DaDaBIK.

DaDaBIK is a low-code now-code development platform; it's a general-purpose platform so you can use it to build any data-based applications.

A CRM app is just one example of application you can build with DaDaBIK, it's a good example to see a certain number of features; the creation of custom CRMs is also quite a hot topic at the moment so this tutorial can potentially help many people.

What is a CRM?

CRM means Customer Relationship Management and as the name suggests consists in the administration of the relationship between an organization and its customers.

When the term CRM software or CRM system is used, we simply refer to a software application used for CRM. In fact, managing the relationship with the customers nowadays typically implies storing and analyzing (a potentially huge amount of) data and this requires the use of a software.

Features of the custom CRM application we are going to build

The application we build in this tutorial allows sales people to store information related to Leads and Prospects and to convert them into Customers. They can also register the communications made with each customer, keeping an history of them; they can register the sales and produce charts and pivot tables aggregating the data available.

We will set the permissions so that each sale person can only see leads (prospects, customers) they registered, while the members of another user group, sale managers, will be able to see all the data available.
Sales managers will also have a dashboard where some key performance indicators show how the business is going and the performances of the sale people.

The video tutorial


Here is the video tutorial: in two hours, you will learn how to build a CRM application from scratch. The tutorial doesn't need any programming skills.