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Video Tutorial: create a Custom HelpDesk Application (no-code)

How to build a Custom, Enterprise-ready, Help Desk Application without coding

In this tutorial, I'll explain how to create a custom Helpdesk software without coding, using DaDaBIK.

DaDaBIK is a low-code now-code development platform; it's a general-purpose platform so you can use it to build any data-based applications. A helpdesk app is just one example of application you can build with DaDaBIK.

What is a HelpDesk system?

A helpdesk System (also called ticketing system) helps your company managing the support requests received from your employees or, in general, from the members of your organization.

Features of the custom Helpdesk application we are going to build

The application we build in this tutorial is a typical IT helpdesk app (however, it can be used in fields other than IT). Employees open tickets, managers assign tickets to staff members and staff members work on them, starting conversations with employees.

A complete set of email alerts is implemented to alert managers when a new ticket is open and to alert employees/staff when a new comment (about a ticket they are involved in) is added.

We will set the permissions so that each employee can only see the tickets they created and each staff member only the tickets they have been assigned to, while managers can see everything.

Managers have a dashboard showing the requests received by week, the requests assigned to each staff member and the requests grouped by status (unassigned, assigned, solved).
Custom charts and pivot tables, aggregating the data available, can also be producted.

The video tutorial

Here is the video tutorial: in about 90 minutes, you will learn how to build a IT helpdesk portal from scratch. The tutorial doesn't need any programming skills.