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Do you have a database you need to move online, but don’t have the budget to hire a developer? Want to build an internal tool, a public form or a database frontend?

DaDaBIK makes it easy to build web applications without touching a line of code. It makes creating an online database application easy and fast. DaDaBIK is a low-code/no-code database application builder written in PHP. [Read more ...]


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Capterra & g2 reviews

Review of DaDaBIK PHP application builder by Juergen M.: So far the best tool for building online applications

Review of DaDaBIK PHP web application builder by Leone M.: A very good tool to gain time developing your custom web based applications.

Review of DaDaBIK web application builder by Stefan T.: DaDaBIK is a mature easy to use web front end for database-driven applications.

Review of DaDaBIK database application builder by Kishor vn V.: Dadabik is already great. Let us Make it Greater

Review of DaDaBIK low-code web application builder by Frede H.: Very good CRUD software.

Review of DaDaBIK no-code web application builder (verified reviewer): I'm a DaDaBIK user since its very first version. It helps me to save a lot of programming time.

  Medical practice administrator review of DaDaBIK: Have been able to set up interactive web site with minimal PHP programming skills.

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DaDaBIK got 391 ratings on Hotscripts, average rating: 4.5
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More feedback from our users:

DaDaBIK is performing really great for us. I'm so glad we purchased it! I have not seen anything that can do everything we need (eg. TablePress, NinjaTables, WP Data Tables, etc.)
Don Worth (Ventura County Genealogical Society), USA - May 2022
I have a very small non-profit client who wanted to modernise their IT but don't have much money to spend. They are blown away with how quickly and cost effectively I was able to deploy a modern looking, professional, intuitive application using Dadabik. They were also amazed at how I was able to make quick updates during the demo (just adding entries to a table that automatically appeared in a drop down field on a form), their previous "home brew" application would normally take a couple of weeks for a change!
Alan Milnes (Milnes Consultancy Ltd), UK - December 2021
I have used DaDaBIK for most of the time it has been around. The progress it has made and the space it fills between spreadsheets and off the shelf packages are just amazing.
Gregory White (Information Technology Consultant and video/documentary producer/director), UK - November 2021
I have been impressed by DaDaBIK's ability to quickly generate a basic CRUD app, as that's all I was looking for at the time, but now I'm knocked down by how clever and powerful it is.
Ken Christensen, United States
Even if you can program in PHP with MySQL, DaDaBIK saves an imense amount of time. And for novices, it requires no knowledge of programming to implement a tight and efficient database front end.
David Serey
DaDaBIK is such an excellent tool and it helped me to quickly design and convert our existing products without the pain of coding from ASP.Net/SQL Server to PHP/MySql."
Dave, UK
DaDaBik is an awesome powerful tool for front-end development. Your team fast-tracked my application development by months.
Tom P., China.
...I take this message to congratulate for the fantatic responsive user interface which makes Lerici a fantastic product. 8.0 works well both on Ipad and Iphone...
Paolo Illing, Canada
So far, the most comprehensive, fast and easy to use solution for presenting your data online. No special knowledge needed, no coding. Fast and friendly support.
A verified customer's review on
An excellent solution for publishing data from a mySQL database. No coding required. Great forum and support (even for a minor error caused by an old php-version on my webserver, they found a workaround very fast).
A verified customer's review on
I can't thank you enough to have put in so much hard work for this type of software. It has really helped me out!
James, Canada
Firstly, thanks for a great product! This is exactly what I was looking for.
I use DaDaBIK as a web frontend to a MySQL database. I set up the database for a political organization so that they would not have to use dozens of spreadsheets to keep track of the tens of thousands of contacts they have. They really like the search functionality, and the ability to export as a .CSV file. This helps them because they have only a few internet connected computers for 20 volunteers. They also use DaDaBIK for data entry every time they find a new contact.
Nickolai, United States
Great stuff! Really makes rapid deployment a reality.
Bill, Canada
Thank you for providing such a useful piece of software! I am using DaDaBik as a front end for the database for my new business. We will use it to search through our inventory, add stock, keep records of sales and expenses and maybe even create invoices if this is possible.
Catherine, Australia
I know a little php and learn best by tweaking codes done by others. I choose DaDaBIK because it's just small enough to get my hands around quickly and next to that it has all functions I need.
Thanks for your effort and the information in your forums!
Maarten Boerema, the Netherlands
At the end I would like to say, that this ist just the tool I was looking for: I needed a simple frontend for manipulating and inserting data on my db, but I was to lazy te write my own script with fields and butons for "update" or "delete" and so on.
Thomas, Germany
Thanks for a great way to manipulate data. It cannot come easier than DaDaBIK. Keep up the good work and I intend to make sure that it will impact on organizations in Kenya that support various causes from poverty reduction, AIDS awareness, clean drinking water campaigns which will benefit from easily accessible and searchable data as enabled by Dadabik.
Mucheru, Kenia
I’ve enjoyed working with your product on one of my projects. The learning curve is not too great and I was getting the results I wanted very rapidly.
Larry K., California
I run a fansite for a few online games, and we're developing tools to help users through their play. We're running the tools off of an sqlite database and using DaDaBIK to allow our contributors to add and edit data about spells/stats/gear/etc. I also hope to create a front-end install to allow visitors to search our data and generate CSV files for their own tools and spreadsheets.
Running our tools off of a single database is reducing the time required to update multiple applications as data gets added, and DaDaBIK is providing a simple user interface so that my partners can keep the data current without having to learn complicated software. My PHP skills are not very strong, so it has saved me a lot of time in coding repetive CRUD forms, interfaces, and session/auth scripting, allowing me to focus my time on the more important task of creating new tools.
Nick Steimling, United States
I am using hte DaDaBIK to enter data into a database used for my iPhone application. I really love DaDaBIK it does almost all I want.
Michael Widegren, Sweden
Endorsed without reservation. A great product that allows you to populate, query, or edit any standard database (MySQL and the like) through a highly flexible Web interface, all without any php/MySQL coding.
David Hochman, USA
Used DaDaBik since about 2005 and have "grown up with it". Excellent Product and Excellent Support!!! P.S. Go right for the Enterprise Version!!!
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Why DaDaBIK?

Our mission is simple: to enable anyone to develop custom web applications quickly and easily. We’ve been dedicated to low-code and rapid software development for 20+ years. We are passionate about our product and committed to continuously improve it.

Developed by Professionals

Eugenio Tacchini, Ph.D., is a computer scientist, entrepreneur, and University Lecturer in Databases & Data Science at the Catholic University, Italy. He has been a visiting researcher at the Freie Universitat Berlin, the University of California, Berkeley and the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.

He created the very first prototype of a database application builder 20+ years ago, in 2000. He released the first version of DaDaBIK in 2001, and he remains the lead developer behind the core of the code.

Established, Supported & Growing

  • DaDaBIK is here to stay. Born in 2001 as a Database Front-end builder (DaDaBIK, in fact, stands for "DaDaBIK is a DataBase Interfaces Kreator"), we keep it regularly updated, having released 80+ versions since the initial 1.0 beta.
  • Our users are helpful and supportive. Our active community forum includes about 20,000 posts.
  • Thousands of companies, non-profits, governmental organizations, and developers worldwide use DaDaBIK, including the University of Cambridge and Yale University.
Great Customer Support

  • We answer email support tickets within one business day. We don’t use automatic replies. You’ll often hear back from a real expert within a couple hours.
  • Professional services are available for installation, configuration, and customization.
  • Need additional features? We can extend DaDaBIK to meet the needs of your organization and help you move your legacy data to a modern web environment. DaDaBIK is always growing.