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How to Create a Web Application with DaDaBIK

On our YouTube channel you can find a series of four video tutorials that guides you in the process of creating a Web application with DaDaBIK.

If you are a beginner, we advise you to start watching the first episode, that teaches you how to create a Web Appication without coding in 25 minutes, exploring the no-code development approach


The second, third and fourth episodes explore some advanced DaDaBIK features, that require some coding to implement very specific part of the application logic. These eipisodes explore the low-code development approach.

The second episode is about Calculated Fields: we use Calculated Fields when, for a form field, we don't want an input from the user, we want to fill the field automatically, according to some logic. For example in the form products, we want, for the field "Price (US Dollars)", that the value is calculated automatically by reading the content of the field "Price (Euros)", retrieving the exchange rate from an on-line service and computing the corresponding price in US Dollars.


The third episode is about an advanced DaDaBIK feature: Custom Functions; we learn how to validate and format data according to custom rules (i.e. custom validation and custom formatting functions) and how to define a field as "required" according to custom rules, for example according to the value of other fields (i.e. custom required functions)..


The fourth episode is about another advanced DaDaBIK feature: Hooks. We learn how to create a custom function that is executed every time a new record is inserted in a table. In particular, in our example, when a new order is placed, our custom function automatically updates the product quantity in the warehouse and sends a "low inventory" email if needed.