Changing width of main menu

How do I change the width of the main menu - some of my menu options are wrapping and I would prefer it if they were all on one line. I've had a quick look at the CSS files but it looks like there is lots of potential for messing stuff up if you don't know exactly what to change. See image below. For example I would like the "View Organisation" menu option to appear as a single line.



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per the css file, you can add a record to the stles_screen_custom.css file to make it whatever you want. Add the following record to that file and make the width what you want it to be.

.td_left_menu {
width: 300px;
vertical-align: top;
Thanks for the reply - I shall try this.
There are some other changes I wish to make to the layout of my application. For example I wish to make all the text slightly smaller on a result page and reduce the space (padding?) between lines. Do you know if there is a diagram / manual for the style sheet which explains the layout of the pages, the main tables on each page, text elements, padding for each cell etc..
I don't have much experience with css and trial and error is quite time consuming.
Or is there any utility on a browser that would show the layout?