This forum is devoted to the discussion about the software DaDaBIK database front-end
the PHP Database application generator for MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite; also available for Wordpress.

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This is a peaceful community, if you want to partecipate, you have to be kind and play by the rules. We reserve the right to ban you from the forum if we consider that your behaviour is inappropriate.

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Support Forum

Post here general support questions and bug reports. While all e-mail support tickets are normally answered within 1 business day, for forum posts there is no guarantee of response.
In order to get support, you need to specify your environment in your message: DaDaBIK version, browser, operating system, DBMS (e.g. Mysql 5.1.47), Web server (e.g. Apache 2.2.16).
If you have already installed DaDaBIK and your DaDaBIK version is >= 5 you can just go into the administration section of your installation, click on About/Check upgrade and paste in the support request the content of the page.
If you are reporting errors, please also include results after turning $debug_mode ON in config.php.
Without the above information the support request will not be taken into consideration

3,664 15,341 October 13, 2019 10:39AM

Forum di supporto (in Italiano)

Posta qui richieste di supporto e bug report in italiano. Mentre per il supporto via email a tutti i ticket viene normalmente data risposta entro un giorno lavorativo, per il forum non vengono fornite garanzie di risposta.

Per ricevere supporto è obbligatorio specificare tutti i dettagli relativi all'installazione: versione di DaDaBIK, browser, sistema operativo, DBMS (es. Mysql 5.1.47), Web server (es. Apache 2.2.16).
Se hai già installato DaDaBIK e la versione è >= 5 è sufficiente andare nella sezione administration dell'installazione, cliccare su About/Check upgrade e copiare il contenuto della pagina nella richiesta di supporto.
Se stai riportando errori, posta il risultato dopo aver settato a 1 l'opzione debug_mode in config.php.
Senza i dettagli di cui sopra, la richiesta non verrà presa in considerazione.

102 598 October 09, 2019 12:16AM

Feature Requests Forum

You can suggest a new feature/improvement for future releases of DaDaBIK. We can't guarantee which features/improvements will be implemented but we surely take into consideration your opinion.

You can also contact us and propose to SPONSOR the development of a new feature; if we reach an agreement, the feature will be implemented even if it wasn't in the roadmap.

325 870 October 08, 2019 02:25AM

General Discussions Forum

Post here messages about DaDaBIK in general (no support requests, no bug reports, no feature requests).

199 529 October 08, 2019 12:37AM