User account menu is inactive on Brave browser

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Dear Eugenio, I hope you're doing well.
First, thank you for this new V12 release of DaDaBiK with its modern UI and these new exciting features like BETA mode and EXPORT APP.

I noticed a little problem on my Brave browser, the user account menu on the top right is not active (a clic on the logged username does not show the dropdown menu).
I tested on Edge, Opera and Firefox without any issue...
Do you think it may come from some security features of Brave (V11 didn't show the same problem) ?

Another point is the graphic theme: I really love the new login window with the automatic background color matching the app logo 👏👏 , but I would like to be able to change left menu color. Can you tell me if I can customize this parameter ?

Thanks in advance for your help, and again, thanks a lot for all your work on DDK ! ;)

DaDaBIK V12 Enterprise running on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS / MariaDB 10.4 / Nginx
Client side Windows 10 and several browsers (Firefox, Brave, Opera, Edge, Chrome)


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DAF ID3000

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Hi Deep64, thanks for your answer.
I did experience the exact same issue on 2 different PCs and only with Brave, so I didn't thought to a cache issue ! 🤯
My bad, I cleared the cache and it works fine on all my browsers ! (y)
have a nice day