Thanks for a smooth upgrade


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Hello , this is just to report that I have successfully upgraded from dadabik 9 to 11.3. As a low-skilled user, I feared that the steps would be difficult because it was hard to install it the first time ( ioncube loader...)

This time, the easier upgrade procedure helped a lot. I followed each step carefully and it almost worked the first time :) Almost, because you need to edit the new config_custom.php file before running your site. To do that, I just copied info ( database name etc ) from the handy backup file of the previous config_custom.php because it is not copied by default.

And that was it!

Thank you for helping low-skilled users like me complete such procedures, it would otherwise be quite tricky !


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Thanks for the appreciation, I am glad it is working fine considering I have personally spent lots of hours trying to make this procedure smooth :)

The upgrade page (the one that takes you to download the latest version) has also been improved a few weeks ago; after tens of emails with the guys at Fastspring we found a solution that is both secure and faster than before.

There is still room for improvement and my final goal is a dadabik app that can be upgraded just by clicking a button in the admin area, but the road is still long :)



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Thank you Eugenio for this app,

Also, I'm glad I took an enterprise license that allows me to upgrade for a cheaper price, even years after I bought my enterprise license. So the initial investment is totally worth it !



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Yes the Fastspring process was much easier this time, no hunting around for exactly what code they needed or multiple attempts to verify I had the right one.

I upgraded 2 systems the day 11.3 came out, would never have doen that before as it was so time consuming :)


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I am new to this wonderful system

support was great from founder :)

looking forward to build many apps