[solved] dynamic insert form on input value


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I didn't get the function dadabik_display_required_ to work.
I record security events. these can be different, e.g. phishing, virus or ddos. if i select virus, another input field should appear, in which i have to enter the name of the virus. If i select ddos, a field with affected ip addresses has to be filled. i tried this:
(method is the field with a list (select_single) of possible types, virusname is the field of the virus if the method was a virusinfection)
function dadabik_display_required_method_virusname ($params){ if ( $params['values']['method'] === 'virusinfection'){ $virusname['show'] = true; $virusname['required'] = true; } else{ $virusname['show'] = false; $virusname['required'] = false; } return $virusname; }

I was able to select my function under "Custom display / required function" and the field disappeared. However, the field does not reappear when I select the appropriate method "virusinfection".

thank you
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