SOLVED - Creating a Master/Details view on a View?

In brief - In the form configurator, can I set up a Master/Details view on a page that is initially based on a view?

This is an evolution of this issue.

In order to address the above issue I created a view called view_technol. I hadn't used views before in SQL but now I understand them and realise this is the correct way of addressing the above issue. This combines information from the technology table, the projectmanager table, the hospital table etc. and works really well.

This has resulted in a new problem.......

For each technology (primary_key, tech_id, technology_name, date_created, project_manager etc..) the project_manager will undertake activities such as writing a report, doing market research, filing a patent etc. All activities are recorded in the activities table (primary_key, activity_date, technologyfk, activity_subject etc..). Activities are linked to technologies by the technologyfk foreign key.

I have created a details page for each technology based on view_technol and at the bottom of this details page I want a Master/Details view showing the activities undertaken for that technology. However I can't seem to link the two as I don't have a primary_key field in view_technol (as my understanding is you can't have a primary key in a view).
To anyone else with this problem.
The answer is yes - but you need to create a unique field in your view. I know that views don't have primary keys but I incorporated the primary key from the main table that the view was based on as a pseudo-primary key in my view. When you import the view into Dadabik you need to set this field as a unique field in the data section.