SOLVED -- Best way to approach a cut-down table-based page


Good afternoon. I'm trying to find the quickest/easiest (hopefully both) way to create a cut-down & slightly rearranged version of a Dadabik page based on a table.

It's easier to visualise than explain, so here are two screenshots.

This is the (almost) default Dadabik screen:

dadabik extant.png

And this is what I would like:

dadabik mockup.png

So essentially, I would like to hide all but one of the Generate Chart / Generate Pivot etc buttons, and move the Search button & field(s) up to the same line.

Is it going to be easier to create a custom page from scratch, or alter what's already there?

Are the Dadabik versions of the generic pages (like this Page-from-a-Table template) available to use as a starting point, or are they encrypted with ionCube?

Any pointers gratefully received.

Thank you.

P.S. Oh and what is the approved way to add "1000" (or whatever) to the "Records per page" dropdown?

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You are using DaDaBIK version 11.5-Elba enterprise, installed on 05-21-2022 (installation code: 179456288336fd5460), the latest version of DaDaBIK is 11.5-Elba released on 04-28-2022
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PHP Version: 7.4.29
mysql version: 5.5.5-10.3.34-MariaDB-0ubuntu0.20.04.1
Web server: LiteSpeed
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you can disable most of those button using permissions or conf parameters (e.g. $enable_report_generation, $always_show_advanced_search_button, ...); currently there is no way to put everything on the same line, the main files that you can directly edit (header-php, footer.php, form.php, results_grid.php) don't cover that specific part and anyway I don't suggest to modify those files unless it's really needed, because they are overwritten during upgrades.

Records per page: check the config param. $records_per_page_ar



Thank you for that.

Is it also possible to remove the option for "Hide/show quick filters" but have them permanently visible, without having to edit files that will be replaced at upgrades?

Forget that, I found it! Apologies.
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