Problem with dutch.php

The file dutch.php contained some phrases that where not translated yet. Also some phrases could be translated in a better way. So we made a new version of dutch.php. However, we have a problem: the images are not displayed. We don.t see how the images are connected to the dutch.php file.

This is how our application looks with the modified file

And this is how it should look

I would like to send you our modified file, but only images can be attached.

Greetings, ronny



Staff member
I think you have introduced some additional characters / blank lines / content in the language file that interferes with the image displaying.
If you take the original file and you only change the content between quotes, without touching anything else, you won't have problems. The best approach, however, is to use a dutch_custom.php file, otherwise your additional translations will be overwritten when you upgrade dadabik.

The Dutch translation seems in fact a bit abandoned: if you are interested in becoming the new official translator send an email.

I added 1 blank line between ?> and <?php (see attached file) and that caused the problem. It is OK now.
I don't know why, the texts were OK, only the displaying of the images did not work.
Best, Ronny

PS I will send you a mail as well

If you are unsure about what you are allowed to do with this license, feel free to contact