PDFs that uses fields available in the details page but not in the results grid are not correctly generated


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DaDaBIK 11.10 could not generate correctly PDFs if one or more fields available in the details page are not available in the results grid.

Let me explain with an example: table customers (id_customer, name_customer, email_customer). Let's say you show name in the results grid and name + email in the details page.

If you launch the PDF generation from the results grid, without template or selecting a template that uses the email_customer field, you will get one or more

Warning: Undefined array key "email_customer".

In case you server doesn't show warning messages, the bug is more dangerous and sneaky, because, apparently, everything is ok, the user doesn't see error messages but all the customers, even the ones having the email set, will be displayed with an empty email, as the email_customer field was NULL or empty in the DB.

I plan to do a silent upgrade to V 11.10 and provide instructions about patching your current 11.10.


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V 11.10 has been silently upgraded, fixing this bug.

You can patch your current 11.10 installation by downloading the updated 11.10 (just click on the download link you got when you placed the 11.10 order) and replacing these three files in your old application with the new ones:


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