Multiple File Upload Directories


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I think it could be beneficial to allow multiple file upload directories.

We have several tables that we upload various files to and the folder we put them in gets kind of cluttered. If when defining the file upload column, it could be useful to specify a sub-folder in the uploads where we could put the files to keep them better organized.
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it's different but maybe it can help: if I remember well, a customer edited the config_custom file to change "on the fly" the upload folder according to the table, something like

if (isset($_GET['tablename']) && $_GET['tablename'] === '......'){
$upload_directory = '';
elseif (isset($_GET['tablename']) && $_GET['tablename'] === '......'){
$upload_directory = '.....yyy............';

I haven't tested it but it should work (and you can implement other criteria as well)