MSSQL SERVER 2019 and Dadabik 11.8Elba Enterprise installation problems.


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Good morning everyone, as I sad in thread title I'm facing a problem installing dadabik using MSsql Server.
After configured the config_custom.php trying to install dadabik using Microsoft SQL Server 2019 I get the following error:

"Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in C:\laragon\www\xxxxxxxx\install2.php on line 0

On-line registration done......your installation code is:

[08] Error: during query execution. INSERT INTO "dadabik_installation_tab" (date_time_installation, id_installation, code_installation, dbms_type_installation, dadabik_version_installation, dadabik_version_2_installation, url_installation, status_installation) VALUES ('2022-12-24 10:13:02', 0, '', 'sqlserver', '11.8-Elba','enterprise', 'http://localhost/xxxxxx/', 'available')
The DBMS server said: SQLSTATE[22007]: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server][SQL Server]La conversione di un tipo di dati varchar in datetime ha generato un valore non compreso nell'intervallo dei valori consentiti.

It is not possible for me to enter Dadabik's data available in About/Check upgrade page, as requested, since the page is not available, anyway Dadabik is the 11.8 Elba Enterprise version including the latest FIX released silently. PHP is version 7.4. Thanks for the support.