FIXED Menu "Drag & Drop" Not Working Properly


New member
In Version 12.0 (Enterprise), the Menu "drag and drop" function doesn't work consistently. For example, when using the demonstration Sales Application, dragging the "Orders" Menu item into the "More..." Menu item, it sometimes works properly and sometimes dos not work properly. It can usually be dragged to the top of the "More..." Menu or the bottom of the "More..." Menu, but often not to any desired position within the "More..." Menu.


Staff member
I confirm it can happen when two elements of the menu have the same menu order in pages This happened in sales demo, now fixed, where everything under "more" had menu order "10" (now they have 11, 12, ... ).

When you add a new table/view/custom page, the menu order automatically assigned should be the next available, considering all the page types, but this at the moment doesn't happen so you have to set it manually. I will look into this issue and fix it in the next release of DaDaBIK.