Ioncube error message when opening over subdomain


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I have a weird behavior of Ioncube. I already consulted the ioncube help pages but could not find any answers there. So I wanted to ask here because maybe somebody has experienced the same:

The Dadabik installation lies in the root directory of my shared server and as long as open it via everything works fine.

Now I have set a subdomain forwarding to the dadabik folder but when I call this subdomain (which basically opens the same folder) I get the error message

Script error: the ionCube Loader for PHP needs to be installed. The ionCube Loader is the industry standard PHP extension for running protected PHP code, and can usually be added easily to a PHP installation. For Loaders please visit and for an instructional video please see

Dadabik version: 11.8-Elba enterprise
Database: MySQL 5.7
PHP: 8.1
OS: MacOS 13.0.1
Browser: Brave Version 1.44.112

Anybody has any idea?


DaDaBIK Guru
I have seen this issue with subdomains before, what does your PHP ini have set for ioncube both in the deafult and the sub domain?

<?php phpinfo( ); ?>


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Hi deep64blue,
thanks for getting back to me.

phpinfo you'll find in the pdf stored in my dropbox:

php.ini (root):
zend_extension = /home/strato/http/premium/rid/73/14/57587314/htdocs/ioncube/
php.ini (subdomain): does not exist.
Should I put i there as well? I thought the php.ini is valid for all subfolders.



DaDaBIK Guru
I thought the php.ini is valid for all subfolders.
According to Strato's FAQs this is probably the issue:-

Please note that the settings in the file php.ini only affect exactly the folder in which it was saved. If you receive a message that the IonCube loader could not be found or is not installed when calling one of your scripts, please note the path of the script, and then copy the file php.ini into this folder once again.