How to combine two overnormalized tables?

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I have decided to change the data model for my app. I want to combine two tables into one. The tables are in a 1:1, non-identifying relationship:

table1 (table1_id, t1_attribute1, t1_attribute2, etc.);
table2 (table2_id, t2_attribute1, t2_attribute2, ect., table1_table1_id); FK table1_table1_id to table1.table1_id.

I would like to have:

table1 (table1_id, t1_attribute1, t1_attribute2, t1_etc, t2_attribute1, t2_attribute2, t2_etc.);

I know how to this from the MySQL side using a new table table3. Inserts from table1 into table3. Update table3 from table2. Then drop table1 and table2 and rename table3 => table1.

Is there something I can do in DaDaBik so that I don't lose all the customizations I've done (using Form Configurator) to the forms for table1 and table2? I.e., apply all the table1 and table2 forms configurations to the new table3 configuration.

Has anyone ever done this before? How did you do it?


Staff member
no, it is not possible, you have to re-configure the new table.

An alternative is to rename table3 to table1 (already in dadabik), add the new fields with db synch and configure (only) the new fields.