Create Row-level Custom Filter (Solved)


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Hi there,

has anyone out there created a row-level-custom filter? I've read the documentation but it seems to be outdated and / or I am to stupid to understand :-(

I have a view which I want to offer my users in a dashboard (this problem is solved). The entries should be filtered by the User-Login which is a column in my view.

So i will try to realize a row-level-custom-filter. I have understood, that I have to define a filter and the php-function, the documentation says:

"You can define your custom filters in include/custom_functions/custom_filters.php or, if you prefer, in the general include/custom_functions.php file."

These files doesn't exist, I think the actual filename is include/custom_functions/custom_filter_functions.php, right?

i entered the following first test in this file:


$custom_filters['requests'] = 'dadabik_custom_filter_windowskennung';

function dadabik_custom_filter_windowskennung()
global $current_user, $current_id_group, $quote;

if ($current_id_group == 3){ // apply the filter only for the IT staff group
$filter = $quote."assigned_to_request".$quote." = '".$current_user."'";
$filter = "1=1";
return $filter;

that's just the demo filter function from the documentation, won't work for me that's clear but I even don't know how to set this filter "dadabik_custom_filter_windowskennung" for the view?

Would be nice if anyone more experienced could give me a hint where I am going wrong....

Kind regards

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