"Create new item" button in details page?


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Hi everyone,
I need help with a master/detail table setting: the button "Create new item" is not shown in details view of the master table


- whereas in edit mode I have the button:

edit form.jpg

I checked already all settings in the permissions table without success. Anybody any idea, how I get the button into the details view?

Dadabik version: 11.8-Elba enterprise
Database: MySQL 5.7
PHP: 8.1
OS: MacOS 13.0.1
Browser: Brave Version 1.44.112


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It because in the details view fields aren't editable, so there's no option to add/edit any settings. You have to be in the edit view to make changes to the record including subforms. May need to make a feature request if this is something you want to be able to do, or add a custom button.

I've thought about the custom button option and may do this for my pages.