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Let's see an example, let's say you have three groups: admin, managers, employees (IDs 1,2,3) and when you install a new table or add a new field you want to assign all the permissions to the admin group, all the permissions except delete to the managers group and only read permissions to employees group.
You can define a template for that, using a sequence of 6 numbers representing the table permissions (READ DELET EDIT CREATE DETAILS CSV) and a sequence of 7 numbers representing the field permissions (RESULTS EDIT CREATE DETAILS QUICK-SEARCH ADVANCED-SEARCH CSV), where, for each number:

I love the new default permissions that came with Dadabik 11.6, just a couple of things to raise:-

1) Typo in the documentation - DELET instead of DELETE

2) Wouldn't the example in the documentation be better to follow the default installation i.e. have group 2 be called default as it would be in a standard installation?

Thanks again for this excellent feature.
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I fixed the typo in the documentation (and also in your post, 11.6 Vs. 10.6 ☺️ ).
About group 2 called default, maybe you are right, for a new user it would be easier to understand but the idea was to provide an example for a more complex situation where the developers have renamed "default" to something more meaningful.



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Yeah I guessed the audience wasn't new users, just a thought - main thing is that this new system is awesome :)
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