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I need please support concerning select_multiple_menu.

I want to have several values (years from magazines) selected, and furthermore several values from a second field (editions form magazines)

2000 > selected 1. Edition > selected 2. Edition 3. Edition > selected
2010 1. Edition 2. Edition 3. Edition
2020 > selected 1. Edition 2. Edition 3. Edition > selected

is this situation possibel to store in one array, how can handle this in forms please?

best regards

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sorry but the question is not clear, please provide more details.
Generally speaking, if you want to store multiple values in one lookup field, you choose a select_multiple field type and add all the fields you want to see in the menu as "linked fields".
The values are stored by DaDaBIK in the field separated by a separator char (by default ~) in a denormalized manner.