Automate User Account Creation


New member
Is there is a way to automate user account creation? I have about 30 accounts to create and would prefer not to do it manually and have to contact everyone individually with their details. Would be nice to run a script that creates the accounts, sets temporary passwords, and emails everyone with a login link, their temp password, etc. Thanks!


1 other way i can think is you can write a csv file with that follows the format of the dadabik_users table in the database. maybe create a user through dadabik that would have have all the permissions and groups, etc of the users you want to put in and put that into the csv file and then inport the csv into the table using something like phpmyadmin and i think dadabik itself has the ability. The difficult part will be the password, as you would need to encrypt each password to the standard that dadabik interprets, that is of course assuming everyone will have different passwords.