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Movie Demo

Posted by Donald 
Movie Demo
May 06, 2018 02:33AM
Buongiorno Eugenio,

Mi piace molto la nuova versione 8, currently running 8.2-Lerici enterprise. Everything is very stable. Solid work. Questions for you. Is it possible to purchase the Video Demo app, and could you advise anyone that could customize the app? The video demo app with some additional customization could help me get to my research faster. All the best and thank you for building 8. Now we need a page builder, and/or the ability to plug data into Visual Composer with Wordpress, and then the ability to run as an app on the iphone.

Best regards
Re: Movie Demo
May 07, 2018 01:54AM
Hello Donald,
I am not sure which of the demo you mean exactly but we can provide the demo app "as is". One of the demo is already included in DaDaBIK Enterprise. Please write to for details.


Eugenio |\.-./| DaDaBIK developer and project admin
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