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Overlaying Data

Posted by kiksekage 
Overlaying Data
November 20, 2017 11:17PM
I have a database where there are two tables: T1, T2
My goal is to "overlay" rows from T2 on top of the T1 row with a matching index, so that any non-null values in T2 rows will supersede those from the T1 row.


Table T2
     |  id  t1_id color ready
     |  80    1    red  <null>
     |  81    2   <null> yes

Table T1
     | id  color  ready
     | 1    blue   no
     | 2    blue   yes

     |  id  t1_id color ready
     |  80    1    red   no
     |  81    2   blue   yes

Any suggestions for how to display the output ("Overlay") in DaDaBIK?

Is there another paradigm in MySQL ( using InnoDB ) that might better serve what I am trying to do?

Each "t1_id" may appear multiple times in T2 but only one row will be selected at a time.
Each "id" can only occur once in T1.
Re: Overlaying Data
November 21, 2017 03:18AM
it seems to me you want to create a table that is the result of a JOIN of T1 and T2 based on t1_id; if this is the case and you are familiar with SQL, you can create a VIEW and install the view in DaDaBIK.


Eugenio |\.-./| DaDaBIK developer and project admin
Re: Overlaying Data
December 02, 2017 11:04PM
Would use something like this for the view:

    IFNULL (t2.color,t1.color) AS color,
    IFNULL (t2.ready,t1.ready) AS ready
    table2 AS t2,
    table1 AS t1
    t2.t1_id =

In phpmyadmin if you insert the query and scroll down to "Query result operations" there should be a button "Create View"

As the generation of the view is onedirectional because of the IFNULL() statement , you cannnot edit the fields in the view.
Mysql cannot decide what field/table to write to.
Re: Overlaying Data
March 28, 2018 01:23PM
Thanks for the suggestion, NorbertH! That is a good way to get the results for read-only. I may end up doing something custom but it's good to keep options in mind.
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