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About DaDaBIK searches

Posted by Sownman 
About DaDaBIK searches
December 20, 2004 04:58PM
I have a website that contains a "Library" of articles, like newspaper stories. I currently have 120 and am growing fast. Right now I have an index page with article titles each of which links to the article on it's own HTML page. It's getting too cumbersome and I want to switch to a DB that my site visitors can view,search but NOT edit or add to. I think dadaBIK will do this. I am wondering, how easy is this to setup and define tables and fields and integrate into an HTML page that matches my site ? I am pretty much a beginer.

Also can dadaBIK do text based searches ?
For example I might have an article about Beethoven, where his name is in the title field and very searchable. What if I have an article about Mozart where Beethoven is mentioned in a couple sentences. Will dadaBIK's search be able to present that Mozart article as well when someone wants Beethoven info ?

Thanks in advance

Re: About DaDaBIK searches
December 21, 2004 07:52AM
Yes that is no problem if the whole text of the article is in the database.
Dadabik provides an contains search. But you always have to declare in which column of the database it should seach.

In my opinion it should not be a problem to let dadabik only search through the text because what is in the title sĀ“hould also be mentioned in the text.

To use this you have to go to your dadabik admin site (admin.php) and there into the interface configurator. Change to the text field and change the search operators to contains. Then dadabik will search through all your articles for the word you search for...

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