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Changing header name?

Posted by DittoBox 
Changing header name?
July 02, 2004 01:59PM
Hi, first off thanks to the devs for this fantastic code. Awesome, awesome stuff!

I just installed it on my home linux box (gentoo 2.6.7) with mysql, apache and php4. I did it so I could create a database of my graphics projects (well, 3d ones). I generally have 2-4 projects going at once and they like to run into each other like kids at the mcdonald's play-place...


Anyway a total of ten fields helps to let me write down notes, ideas, todos, WIP suggestions etc. And it's searchable.

However I'd like to change the big huge dadabik name at the top to my own custom image, or atleast a name like ".blend project central".

How is this done? I know CSS and xhtml but I don't know PHP. I can adapt, most of the time that kind of stuff it self-explanitory.


Re: Changing header name?
July 02, 2004 02:23PM

# nano -w header.php

smiling smiley
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