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Newbie Questions

Posted by David Blomstrom 
David Blomstrom
Newbie Questions
June 02, 2004 06:12AM
First, I have to say DaDaBik is awesome! I'm fairly new to PHP and MySQL, and I find most things fairly hard to understand. I've spent days trying to make an add/edit form that actually works. Then I downloaded DaDaBik, got it up and running in perhaps five minutes - and it works!

But I'm just using it on my computer at present. I have a couple questions about using DaDaBik online.

First, I don't understand exactly where I'm supposed to publish the fiile program_files. I put a screen shot online at

I assume the top picture is incorrect. Is the bottom picture, with program_files next to the /public_html/ folder correct?

Also, can I rename program_files to something else, like dadabik, or edittables? If I do, do I have to reconfigure any files?

Another question - if I install DaDaBik on my local computer, do I have to install it again online? Or can I just publish the program_files folder online, then publish a copy of my database, which, I see, includes copies of all my tables reconfigured for DaDaBik?

Thank you.
David Blomstrom
Re: Newbie Questions
June 02, 2004 06:52AM
I have another question: How do you configure your files so your table displays 100 rows - or every row in the table?
Debbie Sontag
Re: Newbie Questions
June 05, 2004 12:39PM

The location of your Dadabik directory is correct.
You can name this directory anything you want.
You should only need to install once and then upload everything to your public web server.

To display more rows in your results view, just change this line in your config.php file:
// number of records displayed per page
$records_per_page = 10;
(line # 92-93)

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