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Removing Header info

Posted by jknorr 
Removing Header info
April 03, 2007 01:06PM
hello all, I just installed v4.2 for the purpose of having a fixed list for others to view. I set the records per page array in the config file to just 60 (I have 48 records that will probably never change). I was able to remove the normal header without much trouble, but I am stuck with two lines that I cannot remove: One is the "records found" and the other is the "records per page" and its drop down box (which presently says 60).

I have tried looking for this text in many files but have been unsuccessful in removing the correct code. Could anyone be able to tell me which files this code resides in and how to remove it without producing errors?

Re: Removing Header info
April 04, 2007 09:03AM
The location of both are in the file index.php in the CASE Search section...

The "records found" around line 617
here is the code you're looking for:

txt_out("<br>".$results_number." ".$normal_messages_ar["records_found"], "n_results_found");

and the "records per page" code is located around line 658:

if ($change_table_form != ""){ // if there is more than one table to manage
} // end if
else {
Re: Removing Header info
April 04, 2007 09:05AM
BTW to remove it.. I tested adding a comment # symbol in front of all of the txt_out statements and it works fine
Re: Removing Header info
April 05, 2007 04:34AM
Thank you so much, that did the trick!
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