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Hyperlinks and masking
April 06, 2005 06:09AM
I am back to try again.

I have more questions.

1) How do I make a URL hyperlinked?

2) Can I mask it to say something simple (I just want to say the word "Profile" and make it clickable)

This is the url:

Also, is there a way to change the date to mm/dd/yy?

Re: Hyperlinks and masking
April 06, 2005 08:59AM
ok, I figued out how to do the hyperlinks and was able to mask the url with a word.

Now the seemingly most simple part is confusing me...I want the link to open in a new window, but I get errors if I put a "target="_blank"" in this line of business_logic.php:

elseif ($field_content == "url"){
$field_to_display = "<a href=\"".$field_value."\">Profile</a>";

Where would I put this extra piece of code?

Debbie S
Re: Hyperlinks and masking
April 06, 2005 06:12PM

Did you escape the quotes? Your target part should be target=\"_blank\" and must be inside the anchor opening tag.

(Latest version of DaDaBIK when this message was posted: 3.2 Beta)
Re: Hyperlinks and masking
April 07, 2005 06:12AM
Thank you..that worked.
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