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select_single / results page problems

Posted by whity 
select_single / results page problems
April 23, 2004 05:19PM
imagine you've got two tables:

cities(id, cid, name)
countries(id, name)

where cid is the id of the country the city belongs to.

now you modify the interface for the cities table by changing the cid's field type to select single. the primary key is "id", the linked field "name".
save and look to some search results: the cities' names in the table are overwritten by the names of the countries.

is there any possibility to solve this?
Ueli Preisig
Re: select_single / results page problems
April 24, 2004 05:42AM
If you look at your DB with phpmyadmin, you probably see that the values are inserted/updated correctly. The problem is, that you use 'name' twice. Change your tables to

cities(id, cid, city_name)
countries (id, country_name)

for example. Adjust the attribute names in dadabix accordingly and you shold be fine.
Re: select_single / results page problems
April 24, 2004 05:49AM
The problem is that i have got about 50 tables and a fairly large amount of existing code. I think it's less effort to write my own admin tool than to do that grinning smiley

But thank you!
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