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Web data-entry application from an Excel file?

Posted by guidancepca 
Web data-entry application from an Excel file?
April 02, 2019 07:55AM

1. Can the version of Dadabik I use generate a web data entry application from an Excel file?

2. If yes is it built on '1' excel file or can it point to different excel files?

3. If yes is the excel file(s) stored in the dadabik folder on the server or can it be on google drive?



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Re: Web data-entry application from an Excel file?
April 03, 2019 03:57AM
the creation of a DaDaBIK app starting from an Excel file has been introduced with DaDaBIK 9 Monterosso, see this video for further information:

The excel file is just one (you can have multiple sheets) and must be available for upload in the computer where you are installing DaDaBIK.


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