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Different user profiles

Posted by alex1098 
Different user profiles
March 16, 2012 05:18AM
I post againt hope in the right place; the first one was posted in the "General discussion" that probably is not the roght place;
please delete the wrong one, now my problem:

Hello, I succesfully installed Dadabik and I like it alot.
Now I have the need to create 2 or more normal users, each one with it's own profile, I will try to better explain.
User1 should see, and update, DB1,Table01,field aaa;
User2 should see, and update, DB1,Table01, field bbb;
User3 should see, and update, DB1,Table02 all fields

I know of the configuration file where you can specify various security options, but only when a user has already inserted one record;
I have an already created, and filled, DB so I need to filter, for each user, the data that each one can view/update/delete.
Thanks for your help
Re: Different user profiles
March 16, 2012 10:28AM
You may want to look at the following posts. They cover Admin user bypass user restrictions, adding additional fields to the user_tab, etc., which may be of use to you in restricting user access as you've described. While the details don't cover field names, you may be able add that information to the user_tab and with some mods to DaDaBIK files, restrict user access to tables and fields.,13893,13906,8578,13592

I've not tested anything as I've no use for this. In one of my installs, I created different 'instances' of DaDaBIK to allow for specific fields to be editable by the user logged in to the 'instance' within one database/table. Refer to the Multiple Function Views part of the DaDaBIK documentation ( for details on creating those.

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