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Tutorial available?

Posted by Fundi 
Tutorial available?
April 05, 2011 09:02AM
Hi all
I am new to DADABIK and find it very interesting.

To learn it a bit more I like to find some tutorials if such exist.
Any help is appreciated. Especially trying to get a main record form one table to relate to a list of records in a second table.
I.E. Customer to Invoices (Display customer info on top and a table with invoices below. )

Thanks in advance.
Re: Tutorial available?
April 13, 2011 01:25AM
for the moment you can use the documentation and the forum.
I hope to have enough time to create and publish a video tutorial on youtube soon.

Eugenio |\.-./| DaDaBIK developer and project admin
Re: Tutorial available?
April 13, 2011 02:21AM
Hi eugenio Thanks for your answer.

I have gone reasonably far with trying out and fiddling. The one think though that I don't seem to get right is the following:
If I get this right I will write a nice tutorial.

I have a customer table and a Job table.

I like to select a customer in a drop down box and then below all the Jobs of that customer should appear in a table. This would be something like a Master/Detail scenario. But I find no documentation on the Master/Detail issue except what is on the Question mark button in the interface Configurator and that is just too little for me to make it work.

Perhaps I miss understand the whole thing.

Here are my Tables:


Customer_ID (from Curtomer Table)

How does one tell Dadabik to make a Master/Detail view?

Thanks for any Help.

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Re: Tutorial available?
April 15, 2011 01:03AM
Hi Fundi.
You must read
When you are in the Interface configurator, you can set values for your master/detail view.
In your situation, you must manage the Interface configurator of "Customer_TBL" and you can set more than one detail table. Imagine you have another table, i.e
 Children_Customer_ID (from Customer Table)
you may set these values
  • if you want to set only one detail table
    • Linked items table names = Job_TBL
    • Items table foreign key field names = Customer_ID
  • if you want to set two detail tables
    • Linked items table names = Job_TBL~Children_TBL
    • Items table foreign key field names = Customer_ID~Children_Customer_ID
smiling smiley Enjoy.
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