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Year shows up as "0000"

Posted by rayshao 
Year shows up as "0000"
December 22, 2010 08:55PM
Hi, I am testing my database and have a "date" field.

I noticed that whatever date I put in for a new entry, in the rests page the year later shows up as "0000". The day and month show up fine. I'm thinking maybe it has something to do with the "general_functions.php" file? But I never altered that file from the default.

When I go into the actual MySQL database, the date field shows the year correctly entered as I initially put in. So there must be something wrong occurring when it tries to retrieve the year data and display it in Dadabik. The MySQL database field for the date is set to "date" (not "varchar" or anything), so that shouldn't be the issue...

If someone knows what might be the issue I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

Re: Year shows up as "0000"
December 22, 2010 08:57PM
Sorry, I should add that I'm using Dadabik version 4.3
Re: Year shows up as "0000"
December 30, 2010 04:21PM
Is this located somewhere it can be viewed?
The dadabik install is configured to display this field as a date also?
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