This forum is devoted to the discussion about the software DaDaBIK database front-end
the PHP Database application generator for MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite; also available for Wordpress.

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Post here messages about DaDaBIK in general (no support requests, no bug reports, no feature requests).  
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installation problems

by RC
2,138 2 11/10/2003 03:25PM
Last Post by Xoplex

file uploading

by Gerong Li
1,549 1 06/30/2003 01:45PM
Last Post by Gerong Li

I wish to resize the page of records fuond

by Dan
1,866 2 05/24/2003 05:08AM
Last Post by PLMresearch

using the software

by Steve
1,940 2 05/13/2003 07:10AM
Last Post by Khuram Malik

Thank You

by Pegleg
1,598 1 03/02/2003 06:31AM
Last Post by Pegleg

Contacts Demo

by Mike Rembisz
1,546 1 02/25/2003 09:09AM
Last Post by Mike Rembisz

Relational database

by Roger Stevens
1,604 1 02/18/2003 07:44AM
Last Post by Roger Stevens


by Dai
1,532 1 11/20/2002 05:29AM
Last Post by Dai

XML-RPC / SOAP Interface?

by HarryF
2,676 3 09/15/2002 07:03AM
Last Post by Mattias Johansson

Updating more than one table

by Hipolito Nunez
1,696 1 09/09/2002 07:21PM
Last Post by Hipolito Nunez

MYSQL and DaDaBik

by jen
2,206 2 07/29/2002 03:22AM
Last Post by Peter


by Marco
2,182 2 07/10/2002 02:27AM
Last Post by Eugenio

update from 2.0.0 to 2.0.1

by bernd
1,746 1 07/03/2002 08:15AM
Last Post by bernd

Layout Change

by Kee Wong
1,663 1 04/17/2002 04:05AM
Last Post by Kee Wong

Proposal on the schema for multiple tables

by Rob Caskey
2,177 2 04/17/2002 12:37AM
Last Post by Eugenio

Very Good

by Bruno
2,023 2 03/06/2002 12:37AM
Last Post by Eugenio