This forum is devoted to the discussion about the software DaDaBIK database front-end
the PHP Database application generator for MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite; also available for Wordpress.

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Feature Requests Forum

You can suggest a new feature for future releases of DaDaBIK.

You can also contact us and propose to SPONSOR the development of a new feature. 
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Insert User / Update User

by robfurrball
1,748 1 03/30/2006 03:43AM
Last Post by robfurrball

allowing <br> in hint field.

by marbour
1,829 1 03/25/2006 02:18PM
Last Post by marbour

Creating something like views

by pedja
2,704 2 03/13/2006 12:45AM
Last Post by Wolf

Default values when retyping

by Milos Kesek
2,144 2 03/10/2006 10:32AM
Last Post by Milos Kesek

Label for tables

by Pascale Hugonnard
2,693 3 03/03/2006 08:51AM
Last Post by eugenio

How to change search options?

by Izygor
2,188 2 03/03/2006 01:03AM
Last Post by Flagio

Master/Detail view

by pedja
1,742 1 03/01/2006 04:20AM
Last Post by pedja

create table aliases

5,326 8 03/01/2006 04:19AM
Last Post by pedja


by Khaba
2,610 2 03/01/2006 04:02AM
Last Post by pedja


by Jurie
2,198 2 01/31/2006 12:10PM
Last Post by PBall3485

link to foreign table

by Wolf
1,826 1 01/03/2006 08:00AM
Last Post by Wolf

customizing forms

by Wolf
7,223 10 12/20/2005 02:21AM
Last Post by eugenio

Any plans to extend support to PDO?

by iusedb2
2,392 2 12/10/2005 03:32PM
Last Post by eugenio

search multiple fields

by Francie
2,790 3 12/02/2005 12:54AM
Last Post by Flagio

Bug fix - file upload field is a required-field

by alpha2zee
9,759 10 11/16/2005 02:10PM
Last Post by eugenio

Style Templates

by nickjensen
2,200 1 11/04/2005 03:25AM
Last Post by nickjensen

Problem with session

by mabruk
4,629 6 10/17/2005 03:09AM
Last Post by mabruk

Format Date field and other

by Vinay Tanna
1,712 1 09/15/2005 06:19AM
Last Post by Vinay Tanna

More than one primary key

by More than one primary key
1,994 2 09/14/2005 11:50AM
Last Post by alpha2zee

duplicate lookup field names

by Joe Brown
1,718 1 09/06/2005 08:50AM
Last Post by Joe Brown

Sort by??

by stebu
2,705 3 09/04/2005 11:59PM
Last Post by hi

select multiple items option

by Josh
11,480 16 08/19/2005 04:56PM
Last Post by alpha2zee

Making DaDaBik work irrespective of magic_quotes_gpc setting

by alpha2zee
2,190 1 08/16/2005 08:32PM
Last Post by alpha2zee

query field

by stebu
4,980 8 08/16/2005 08:14PM
Last Post by alpha2zee

Use Meta informations from Columns

by Olivier C
2,308 2 08/12/2005 05:26AM
Last Post by Debbie S

standards and accessibility

by Nathan White
2,202 2 07/11/2005 07:16AM
Last Post by Eugenio

mysql authentication

by giorgio
2,116 1 07/10/2005 03:58AM
Last Post by giorgio

MySQL Query Results

by Recket
4,229 6 06/29/2005 11:24AM
Last Post by Recket

Mambo integration

by C1p8
2,053 2 06/27/2005 11:14AM
Last Post by Liam G. McFaul

gui problem with menu

by shawna
2,998 4 05/25/2005 09:26PM
Last Post by Debbie S