This forum is devoted to the discussion about the software DaDaBIK database front-end
the PHP Database application generator for MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite; also available for Wordpress.

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Feature Requests Forum

You can suggest a new feature/improvement for future releases of DaDaBIK. We can't guarantee which features/improvements will be implemented but we surely take into consideration your opinion.

You can also contact us and propose to SPONSOR the development of a new feature; if we reach an agreement, the feature will be implemented even if it wasn't in the roadmap. 
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Decoded / Encoded Fields

by vanedler
6,184 3 10/08/2012 01:48AM
Last Post by eugenio
This topic has been moved.

Editing records does not work

by Ann
    This topic has been moved.

enum fields

by jenolan
2,431 1 10/07/2012 02:23AM
Last Post by jenolan

php field

by JonF
5,680 4 09/10/2012 07:25AM
Last Post by eugenio

Additional field type in configurator screen

by lonnien
2,716 1 07/30/2012 07:59PM
Last Post by lonnien

select_single UNIQUE ?

by bred
6,543 5 07/30/2012 07:47PM
Last Post by lonnien

Option for order by

by stebu
6,052 4 06/28/2012 06:53AM
Last Post by eugenio

Implement the function highslide

by ATO
3,279 1 11/23/2011 09:29AM
Last Post by ATO

image uploader features

by raisinlove
12,369 11 12/14/2010 12:07PM
Last Post by tegaDesignor

file uploads - renaming

by alpha2zee
9,814 9 12/04/2010 05:25PM
Last Post by tegaDesignor

My list of feature requests for future DaDaBik versions

by alpha2zee
12,819 10 12/03/2010 07:09AM
Last Post by tegaDesignor

Button to show or hide columns in results page

by stib
4,599 2 12/03/2010 07:06AM
Last Post by tegaDesignor

How to make a "static" field type

by Nathan Gasser
25,322 17 11/13/2010 07:57AM
Last Post by nmcgann

Multiple Select

by szlwzl
5,658 3 09/05/2010 05:38PM
Last Post by Samuel

image upload

by luca
12,319 10 06/03/2010 06:07AM
Last Post by lapasuc

Deleting files with record deletion

by alpha2zee
6,465 4 06/20/2009 09:12AM
Last Post by DebbieS

The ENUM handling by default.

by DNowak
2,830 1 05/16/2009 09:12AM
Last Post by DNowak

LDAP Authentication

by jmann1
3,137 1 03/04/2009 12:45PM
Last Post by jmann1

Date Picker, Highlight must-fields, Image Upload to DB, Remembering data enterd

by Thomas Juergensen
19,009 16 02/07/2009 02:44PM
Last Post by lapasuc

Google Link?

by Kannnix2005
2,826 1 01/19/2009 04:52AM
Last Post by Kannnix2005


by glassjames
3,834 2 09/12/2008 11:04PM
Last Post by DebbieS

putting records in order & FCK editor with image / file manager

by pkuhn
5,890 5 07/20/2008 07:16AM
Last Post by philmi

Time to get moving on the roadmap!

by dh
2,684 1 06/06/2008 08:24AM
Last Post by dh

Import an Excel Sheet

by the_lorax
3,965 2 03/01/2008 08:05AM
Last Post by DebbieS

Looking for a customized modded version to DadaBik

by the_lorax
2,481 1 02/29/2008 11:08PM
Last Post by the_lorax

datetime range query

by jcklabatt
2,441 1 02/21/2008 07:19AM
Last Post by jcklabatt

[CLOSED] multi row delete

by corsonehtml
2,967 2 02/12/2008 11:30AM
Last Post by k6yxh

Use user groups on authetication

by CGarces
3,001 2 02/12/2008 11:16AM
Last Post by k6yxh

Improved Search Options

by waponiwoo
2,161 1 11/16/2007 02:19PM
Last Post by waponiwoo

"Checkbox" Field Type

by beporter
3,173 2 10/25/2007 01:26PM
Last Post by beporter