rich text field missing after upgrade


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I just upgraded 10-2 to 11.4. (Very easy and nice. Great job with making that easy!)

All seems to be good, but this: a Rich Text field is not showing?
Meaning, the field label is on the page, but the box is not there?
When I go to add a new record, I have a rich text field to take input, but the actual field is not displaying.

any thoughts?



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1) i looked at the page's HTML code, for some reason, it is set to be hidden? The HTML is there, but is set to be hidden.
2) I went into the admin and changed the field to text area and saved. it shows.
3) I changed it back to rich_editor... and it was hidden again


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uhmmmm it's working now?

note: I closed down app, browser, etc. started over and logged before posting the prior post and it was still hidden.
I just now logged in and now its working/showing.

very odd?

PS. I guess the gremlins are playing tricks on me?


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I don't know why it didn't work the first time but if the editor was not displayed I am pretty sure there was a Javascript error. If it happens again, please check the browser console.