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Is DaDaBIK still used with non-MySQL DBMSs?

Starting with the last 4.3 beta, the users can register the installation of DaDaBIK; I receive information about DBMS type and DaDaBIK version.
97 installations have been registered so far and these are the statistics about the DBMSs usage:
MySQL: 95 installations
PostgreSQL: 2 installations
Oracle: 0 installations
MS SQL Server: 0 installations

97 is (statistically) still a small number but I'm wondering if DaDaBIK is still used with non-MySQL DBMSs....maybe the tipical Oracle or MS SQL Server user doesn't work much with PHP but I think that it's not true for a PostgreSQL user.

I decided to dedicate some time in future to test DaDaBIK with other DBMSs (SQLite and DB2) but if everybody's using MySQL I don't know if it's still a good idea.

  1. Antonio 9 Nov 2010

    Hi Eugenio,

    I think multiple database support is always good, it can open dadabik to a lot of other users. Maybe support should be only for open source databases, commercial databases usually have their own apps.

    We use always postgresql and prefer it over mysql. Sure not all users register their installations.


  2. Eugenio 9 Nov 2010

    Sure not all users register their installation but this shouldn't affect much the DBMS relative usage.
    Which DBMS is a good candidate for future releases? Has SQLite a good installations base today?