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Update on donation campaign & new release soon

Hi folks,

I have to spend a couple of words talking about the donation campaign: since I posted my appeal to donate in order to allow the project to continue (more or less three weeks ago) I received 18 donations.

I am very happy about your answer. Really.

Several donations are small but no problem, I think that the act of donating is still very important regardless of the amount. The "donation economy" is something that could really change the way software (and other things) is created and distributed and we should really get used to try it (both passively and actively) to understand if it can work.

Here is the list of our heroes (not complete, I haven't got all the permissions to publish)!!:

Rüdiger Fritsch
Richard Bradbury
Yiannis Vavouranakis
Roberto Javega
William Armstrong
Robert Bacchas
Patrick Simon
James Merrihew
David H.
Michael Frotscher
Jason Fifner

Many many thanks guys! Please continue! :)

I also want to tell a big "thank you" to RHX, the italian software and hosting company that since many years ago is providing Web hosting and domains to DaDaBIK for FREE. These guys strongly believe in Open Source software and they demonstrate it with facts.

Ok, second thing: a new release of DaDaBIK will be available soon, together with a new Graphical User Interface! :-)

Very last point: DaDaBIK is now on Twitter: I still don't know if I will use it just as a reminder for the posts published in the main site or for something different, anyway…follow us! :)