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DaDaBIK current staff

Eugenio Tacchini (eugenio at favoriti dot it): author and main developer
Debbie Sontag (debsweb at shaw dot ca): support and documentation
Hermann-Josef Beckers (hj dot beckers at onlinehome dot de): translator
Joel Hautois (jhautois at wanadoo dot fr): translator
José Ramírez (jramire at adverweb dot com dot ve): translator
Ronny Huybrechts (ronny dot huybrechts at pandora dot be): translator
Benjamí Villoslada (benjami at bitassa dot com): translator
Andri Viiand (mail at andri dot pri dot ee): translator
Daniela Zonenschain (daniela dot zonenschain at unicatt dot it): translator
Tanja (info at medusa-web dot com): translator
Attila Tóth (atoth at atoth dot sote dot hu): translator
Dusan Bajus (bajusd at netscape dot net): translator
Milos Kesek (milos dot kesek at zeta dot telenordia dot se): translator
Heikki Skyttä (heikki dot skytta at choptop dot fi): translator

Road map

DaDaBIK v 4.6:
  • Customizable tables menu: The possibility to choose the table not only by a select menu, but, for example, with a customizable links bar.
  • Popup date picker: a javascript calendar for date type fields
  • Re-introduction of Microsoft SQL Server support
DaDaBIK v. 5.0:
  • New authorization model: the possibility to choose the permissions at a user/group - function level
  • User groups

Want to suggest a feature? Post it in the Feature requests forum.

Do you need a feature for you or for your company? You can also sponsor it, paying for have it implemented in DaDaBIK; contact me: eugenio at favoriti dot it