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New admin section, new release soon

I have finished the redesign of the admin section: new look, some improvements in the interface, in-line help for the interface configurator.

This will be released soon with DaDaBIK 4.3 release candidate 1, together with an improved documentation and a new enterprise-oriented demo (an invoicing system) that I'm developing.

Stay tuned!

  1. Daniel Coello 20 Nov 2010

    Hello Eugenio,

    I´m from Peru and I want to thank you for this development. I want to know if the new release will resize and manage images. If it do so I don´t have problems to donate more.

  2. Eugenio 20 Nov 2010

    Hi Daniel,
    the new release, available in a couple of days, will not resize images but that could be a nice enhancement for a future release.
    What do you mean with "manage images"? The current release already manage images, you can upload and display images.