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4.3 beta is out, we have a (hopefully) cool graphic interface!

Hi folks,
yes, difficult to believe but true!
DaDaBIK is powerful and easy to use but the GUI has always been something that could hurt....
Why? Because I'm too nerdy to take care about GUIs? No, just because having limited time I've always preferred to spend it improving the features set and fixing bugs.

But your long wait is over, some days ago I discovered by chance a very nice DaDaBIK graphic customization made by Erik Pöher; I firstly started to implement that GUI but I ended up developing the GUI from scratch, in part inspired by Erik's work. Here is the result: demo (user: demo1; password: password).
There is still space for improvement (better warning/error messages for example) but I think it's much better than before. Let me know what you think.

Another important improvement: magic_quotes_gpc set to On is not anymore needed.

There are also several bugfixes, as you can see from the changelog; some new bugs were also dscovered.


  1. Roberto 21 Oct 2010

    Great work Eugenio!
    This is one of the features I've been asking since the very first release :)
    Now, the next step is creating a few graphical templates the user can choose amongst.

    Thank you for your great effort.

  2. eugenio 21 Oct 2010

    Thanks Roberto :)
    Yes, having different graphical templates would be great; better if developed directly by users.