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DaDaBIK 4.3 alpha is out. Master/details view: done!

A new DaDaBIK release is out, together with a big new feature: the master/details view, that allows to easy handle a typical One-to-Many relationship.

For example if you have an albums table and a songs table you can set DaDaBIK to display in the same page the details of an album and the result list of the songs linked to. Here is an example directly from the updated DaDaBIK demo: (first login in the demo and then follow the link)

It is also possible to link more than one details table to the same master.

I set up a donate+download button and I encourage you to use it, it is the only way to allow the further development of DaDaBIK!

Check the change log for the complete list of changes.


  1. gabor 18 Sep 2010

    Don't forget utf-8 support. I will donate. ;)

  2. eugenio 19 Sep 2010

    If your DB is utf-8 I think that changing the DB connection and the page charset should be enough...the problem is that some PHP functions are still not completely utft-8 but we can't do anything for this...
    Which kind of problems do you have with utf-8? Please post them in the support forum

  3. James Merrihew 20 Sep 2010


    There is a post in the support forum from a couple of days ago that is asking help with what looks to be a utf-8 problem. The post topic is " alphabetical sorting in greek". I was not able to help this user, maybe you can?

  4. eugenio 20 Sep 2010

    let's try to solve it

  5. James Merrihew 21 Sep 2010

    Eugenio, ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    I think there needs to be a better solution to the spam blocking. Doesn't seem to be stopping these fools :(

  6. eugenio 21 Sep 2010

    I have now included the Akismet spam blocker; let's try to see if it works well.
    I've also included a comment notification feature, which is quite useful I think.

  7. James Merrihew 22 Sep 2010

    Akismet looks to be very promising, sure hope it works. It is really annoying when you have spam bots poisoning the content of other peoples websites.